All of us at the law offices of Terschan, Steinle, Hodan & Ganzer would like to welcome you to our legal blog!

In this day and age the world changes in the blink of an eye, and the legal world is no different. On a daily basis, state legislatures and judges make decisions that impact the way legal cases are prepared and presented for court. At Terschan, Steinle, Hodan & Ganzer, we feel it is critical to stay current with legal issues that impact the strategies we use in our business every day.

We believe that the more informed our clients are about the legal process, the better they will understand their case and make more informed decisions about their case. We will work to keep this blog current with legal issues, rulings and matters that may impact both our corporate and personal clients throughout the state of Wisconsin.

We have built our practice with a strong focus on our clients’ concerns and we will always do our best to serve our clients no matter how large or small their legal issues may be. Thank you for visiting our website. Feel free to contact us at Terschan, Steinle, Hodan & Ganzer, our lawyers have the knowledge, experience, and acumen to skillfully assist you.



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